Photovoltaic Solar

Why Photovoltaic (PV) Solar?
As enviornmental and global climates dramatically change, there is an urgency to harness carbon neutral forms of modern energy. Solar Energy is an emission-free source of electricity and hot water that can be immediately deployed to reduce the nation's growing carbon footprint.
Utilizing state of the art technology, and architectural design, Hawai'i Design Group enpowers our clients with alternatives to manage their own energy independence. Exposure to the sun, high utility rates, and incredible state tax incentives makes Hawai'i one of the best places for solar electricity in the world.

Residential PV system Benefits

Harnessing the power of solar electricity provides numerous benefits for Hawai’i businesses and individuals alike.

  • Reducing your monthly electric bill.
  • Free electricity with minimal maintenance costs once the system is paid for.
  • Net-Metering agreement with local utility providers.
  • Immediate appreciation in real estate value.
  • Living Green, and reducing your carbon footprint.

Commercial PV system Benefits

Business owners will see stabilized operational income by reducing the risk of volatile fossil fuel prices. There will be substantial long term avoided costs by reducing your electric bill. The internal rate of return on a PV system is over 7%.

Let us tell you about the advantages though a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Commercially, assuming that the business has state and federal tax liabilities, the financial incentives reduces the cost of system significantly.

Tax Credit Table Savings % Commercial
Federal 30% Unlimited
State 35% $500,000 max
Total 65% Unlimited

Hawaii Design Group & Solar Wave Hawaii

In conjunction with our partner, Solar Wave Hawaii, we provide proven solar design and cost models for the Hawaii Market best to fit your needs.

We offer consultation services from our in-house structural, electrical, and civil engineers to assess our clients’ existing and or future buildings / homes.

Our clients using solar power clearly benefit by paying partial or none of their power bill. With Hawaii’s utility rates being one of the highest in the nation, the savings are substantial. We prepare a detailed analysis showing the costs, tax treatments, payback period and long term savings for our clients.

Additional cost savings that we provide our clients are realized by the direct importation of the photovoltaic panels and inverters, distributorship, in-house electrical engineering and design.

Finally, Hawaii Desing Group and Solar Wave Hawaii are committed to our clients. We will handle all building permits, Net Energy Metering Agreements, and potential Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), through our office so you as our client can focus on things that are important to you.